Sandra C. Reff, Photoartist
Observing and reflecting on the beauty of the world appeals to someone with a natural curiosity. Photography has been the way for me to best connect my sense of curiosity with nature and share this connection with others. As a landscape and nature photographer, I hope to capture captivating images of the natural world while as an abstract artist, I strive to produce creative designs that unleash the viewer’s imagination.

Exploring the world of photography has been an exciting journey. From the past several decades of work, I've learned that photography is a constant learning process....there is always a new place to explore, a new technique to try. Each new insight allows me to bring a fresh perspective to each photo I produce.

To ensure the highest standards of quality, I prefer the giclee process with it's advanced software and printing technology. My printers of choice are Epson because their Ultrachrome K3 pigment ink is superb and when used with quality archival papers ensures each print is museum grade that can be enjoyed for years to come.

My studio is at the Pendleton Art Center in Middletown and I show my art at local shows and galleries. I have sold to area businesses and individuals who are often repeat customers and referrals. Every customer is important to me. I pay close attention to their needs and desires to provide the best possible service. The feedback has been positive and encouraging.

“Sandra’s art is simply beautiful!” - Scott L.

“Sandra’s portfolio speaks for itself – amazing angles and lighting, and more than 1,000 words for each photo!” - Nick W.

“Sandra’s landscapes and abstracts are very colorful. Her attention to detail is exceptional.” - Jennifer B.

Besides photographing local places of interest, my travels have taken me across North America to capture landscapes far beyond the Midwest including glaciers in Alaska, slot canyons in Arizona, hoodoos in Bryce Canyon, geysers in Yellowstone, Butchart Gardens in Vancouver, tropical beaches of the Caribbean, and Mayan temples in Mexico and much more.

In the future, I will continue experimenting with technique, travelling to new places and expanding my collection. Hopefully this website has sparked your interest and we have made a connection. I sincerely thank you for your time.

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